The County Line

As a new Austinite…..Austonian….Austineer.….as a new resident of Austin, I feel like it is my duty to explore everything the city has to offer. I feel the same way about any city. You don’t get the true feel for a new town until you explore all the knooks and crannies.

So when a a restaurant comes highly recommended by more people than you can count on one hand, you have to give it a try. And thats what I did this past weekend when I went to The County Line. This review may be slightly biased because I went with family and well, I didnt have to pay. Everything tastes better when its free. But that being said I’m being as honest as I can be.

We went for lunch on a Friday and it was surprising how busy it was. Most of the dining room was full and a couple of parties of 20 or so which I imagine were corporates getting out early for some BBQ. The second you walk in you start to grin because you can smell the smoked meat wafting through the wood and lingering in the decor. Quickly sat and quickly served by friendly Texans, we got right into the meat of things.

I ordered a Pork Combo, which consisted of beef brisket, pork ribs, and sausage with 2 sides that ended up being cole slaw and garlic mashed potatoes.

Beef Brisket: A-

It was moist and flavorful, but lacked the smoke ring that makes the best brisket great. Not a disappointment though.

Sausage: B+

A huge portion of sausage that I would guess was a mix of chicken and pork. Great flavor but a little too greasy for me.

Pork Ribs: A

They were so big and meaty it could have been a meal itself. Great tender ribs with awesome flavor, I just wish they had more rub on them and relied less on the sauce.

Sides: B-

Where the mashed potatoes excelled the coleslaw fell short. Very bland slaw with no real dressing or seasoning. Potatoes were more in the whipped variety then mashed, being very smooth and rich.

Overall grade, I give The County Line an A

I will be back to try more, but the underwhelming sides and sausage brought the grade down. Definitely worth the drive out for brisket and ribs though.


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