AMLI food trucks

If you drive, run, or bike down East Riverside with any frequency, you’ve certainly seen the small food truck congregation next to the AMLI building. It has been pretty lackluster since we moved in in September, with only the That’s Amore streamliner food trailer set up. But about a month ago, Karma Taco claimed a spot in the arena, and last week Squealers set up shop as well.

I have yet to try That’s Amore since I never really get the urge for italian food from a trailer. If I want pasta and sauce I’ll cook it myself, but good for her (Angela the owner) for being that option for whoever wants it. On the other hand, I have tried both Karma and Squealers and have mixed reviews.

Karma is on par with most other taco trucks in the city, which is pretty good considering the mexican influence and number of taco trucks in Austin. They have great chicken and beef tacos, and a really good al pastor. I also love all their sauces. Ask for them all since they come on the side, and you can try each one individually. I didn’t like the fish taco however, just not enough flavor. I have high standards for fish tacos though after getting the best tacos, no, the best thing I ever ate in Mexico last spring. But that is another post for another time.

Squealers I tried two nights ago and was just not impressed. It was $7 plus tax for basically a BLT on sliced bread with a handful of crinkle cut potato chips. The bacon was good, as it always is, and they even had two options for bacon flavor – Mesquite or cherrywood smoked. Mix that with either white or wheat bread and pick one of five mayo flavors(I chose spicy), and it’s a good BLT. But not for $7. Adding avocado is $2 too.


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