Galaxy Cafe

Yesterday Katy and I went to Galaxy Cafe for lunch because I had a groupon that was about to expire this weekend. Usually I feel like restaurants on groupon are sub par, otherwise, why would they be on there? But I got it anyway as a reason to try a new place in a new city and luckily this wasn’t the case.

We went for lunch around 1pm and had no wait at the deli style counter. After a long debate over the menu, Katy ordered a seared tuna salad and I decided on a build-your-own burger, but flipped the script last second for the daily special of shrimp tacos. Everything is better as a taco. We got a number, sat in a comfy booth, and were served within 5 minutes.

The shrimp were fried and delicious. On top of flour tortillas and topped with avo, pico, and fresh slaw they were great and worthy of a repeat. And with your choice of side for a little over $9 it’s not a bad deal. My side was whipped sweet potatoes but as Katy put it when she tried them, “it’s like pie filling”. Great texture and taste but a bit too sweet to eat the whole side.

From my tacos and what I tried of Katy’s salad they know what they are doing at Galaxy. Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood.

Galaxy Cafe
1000 West Lynn Street
Austin, TX



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