Cooking and Camping

It was the first week in January which usually means playoff football, but this year the NY Jets decided they like golf more than football so I had the weekend off from my Sunday couch position. Katy and I decided to go camping since apparently you can do that in January around here. Earlier in the week we were watching Good Eats with my favorite TV cooking personality, Alton Brown. He was making skirt steak, and as he informed us of the cellular structure and molecular breakdown of everything he talked about ,per usual, he ended up cooking the steak directly on hot coals. That’s right, no grill or pan, straight on the embers. It was like a sign from the Food Gods that we had to try this.

Here is a link to Alton’s skirt steak recipe, as it takes a little bit of prep for the marinade so you want to do it ahead of time. He says let it marinade for an hour, we let it marinade for 12. Oops? It was just easier to do it at home the night before, and it definitely didn’t negatively effect the meat.

Anyway, we set up camp, did our hike during the day and as the sun set started on the coal grilled steak. It was definitely different and a little unnerving throwing delicious meat right on the coals, but it really came out quite well. I cooked each piece 2 minutes per side, but probably should have gone closer to 3 minutes. Again, Alton says 1 minute, but he had a much better/hotter set up, so use your judgement if you try it. Either way, we cooked it up with onions and peppers(red,green, and poblano) in a cast iron skillet and made steak fajitas while camping. Those are spring onions next to the skillet, charred on the grill too and sweet enough to bite right into. Pretty sweet meal for not having a stove eh?

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After a much colder night than expected with no beer(stupid resolution), we roared the fire back up in the morning and Katy made breakfast sandwiches again using the skillet. Talk about hitting the spot. Bacon, egg, and cheese on an english muffin, then round two on a tortilla. It was an amazing weekend trip with not your average camping fare. I made a quick video to recap the trip and put it on Vimeo here. Check it out and thanks for reading.


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